About Us

"All lighting for special applications is our business"

The Licht & Optik group was created in 1964 by its founder Richard Schahl, based in Pullach, Germany - a well established specialist lamp distributor with over 40 years of experience. The Licht & Optik group (L&O) currently operates 8 subsidiaries worldwide including UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, USA, China and Hong Kong.

The L&O group entered the UK market in 2001 with the takeover of Professional Lamps SciMed, now known as Professional Lamps UK. The aim to have a subsidiary in every major country was nearly complete; this enabled us to guarantee a worldwide support of customers for all their lighting needs.

Whether your application is Photo, AV, Audio, Medical, Film, Stage and Studio, Industrial or Scientific the well placed logistics and buying power of the L&O group is an excellent advantage to all our customers. Our large inventory and warehousing facilities globally allow us to deliver nearly every specialist lamp in the marketplace.

Our Customer Services Representatives are more than just order takers, they are experts who can respond to your questions and provide technical support where necessary.        



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