CL1469 - Arc Lamp Housing


1 week lead time

Convenient, reliable and safe bench top systems for our B and C sized body CeraLux Xenon Lamps. Remote lamp housings are powered by a current adjustable, power factor corrected supply. The lamps are housed in a rugged all metal enclosure with removable mounting plate. Cooling is provided by means of a low noise, high efficiency AC powered fan. Connected to the power source via two insulated high voltage cables, this housing can be used on the lab bench or within an OEM system. Internally, the lamp is mounted in a standard lamp module with finned heatsinks and nylon holder. The power source has auto ignition and adjustable current output from 12 to 21 amps. Lamp current is adjusted by using the two front mounted push buttons and is displayed on the digital meter with .5” characters.

• PFC Power Supply
• Easy to operate, just plug in the power supply and lamp fan
• Adjustable lamp current
• Easy viewing digital display for lamp current
• Accommodates LuxteL B or C size lamps, Elliptical and Parabolic

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